How to Use

To prevent funnelling, burn the candle for about 3 hours on the first use. The candle will then burn evenly down the sides of the tin. Don’t use the last 5mm, to prevent the container getting too hot. See candle tin for safety guidelines. And NEVER leave a burning candle unattended.

Key Ingredients

Natural Soy Wax; The soy wax we use has been specially formulated for our tins. It will burn slowly, & because it’s a vegetable wax there’s virtually no sooting (black smoke).

Cotton Braided Wick; We use a natural cotton braided wick which is a perfect partner for the wax we use. This means it will burn beautifully &  won’t “funnel” down the middle of the candle. Our wicks are dipped in natural soy wax, too so there’s no paraffin wax at all in our candles.

Pure Essential Oils; Our soy candles are scented with pure, natural essential oils, so you benefit from the Aromatherapy effect of every candle.

Our candles are made with the best quality natural ingredients. They’re handmade in our Cornish workshop, so care is given to producing each and every one. Our wax is specially formulated to give the scent a good “throw”- that is, it’ll disperse well & scent a large area. The tins are made in the UK, and have a clear acrylic lid so you can see the pretty, pastel-coloured candle in the tin. And the candles are presented in a gorgeous gift box.

How lovely is that?

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Bug Off! Natural Candle

Citronella is well known for it’s ability to repel insects like mosquitos. Here, we’ve teamed it with Lemongrass- also a great insect repellant. Together, they’ll help to repel other insects like flies & no-see-ums, so you have a double-whammy to help make your Barbeque, picnic, or alfresco sundowner a critter-free zone.

There are a number of essential oils renowned for their insect-repelling qualities, & Citronella is by far the best known. Others include Peppermint (good for keeping away ants, cockroaches & flies), & Eucalyptus (to repel spiders). Tea Tree can be used to help remove ticks.

Sapooni Soaps, Handmade in Cornwall with Pride. Bug Off Natural Candle.
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20+ Hrs