Tip; Use our Bath Salts in a foot spa, as part of your pedicure. Or try mixing a handful with a skin-nourishing oil like Sweet Almond, & use it as a salt based body scrub.

Key Ingredients;

Sea Salt; We use a combination of fine & coarse sea salts, which absorb all those lovely fragrance oils, & then release them as the salts melt into your bathwater.

Cornish- harvested sea salt; We add a sprinkling of sea salt from Cornish waters to every batch, so there’s a little bit of the Cornish seaside in tubful.

Epsom Salts; Reputed to help to relieve stress, soothe tired muscles & soften skin.

Natural botanicals; We add a  generous handful of dried flowers, petals or citrus to our salts, depending on the scent,

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Jasmine & Vanilla Bath Salts

Add a  handful of these skin-softening salts to a warm bath, and their deliciously fragrant, relaxing aroma will immediately start to de-stress you. This has such a heady, exotic scent!

Our salts are based on a combination of sea salts- including a sprinkling from Cornish waters, and Epsom salts, which melt immediately into warm water for a skin-softening soak.

How To use;

Add a generous handful (or two) to a hot running bath, to enjoy the soothing scents & water-softening effects of our luxurious bath salts.

Full Ingredients :

Sodium chloride (sea salt, coarse & fine, including  sea salt from Cornish waters), Magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts),  Parfum*, Jasminum Officinale (jasmine) flowers.

*Allergen free

Quantity :


250g (e)